Li Wang technology to produce green environmental protection products, to protect our health as the principle, let people's life colorful.
Jiangsu li king science and technology co., LTD., as the world's leading supplier of fine chemicals, more than 20 years production experience of li king science and technology for printing ink, plastic, paint and other industries provide a series of unique trump card products, we have more than 200 kinds of products, the current products include azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigment, quetiapine acridone pigments, fluorescent pigments, although sejiang, pigment intermediates, and so on.
  • Organic Pigments
    Organic pigments are insoluble organic compounds that are usually added to a substrate in a highly dispersed state to give it colour
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  • Fluorescent Pigments
    Organic pigments are insoluble organic substances. Fluorescent pigments are colorless when exposed to general visible light, while red, yellow, green, blue and other luminous colors are presented when exposed to 365/254 nano ULTRAVIOLET lamp
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  • Pigment Dispersions
    A semi-finished product consisting of pigments or pigments and fillers dispersed in paint
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